Friday, 18 May 2012

100 Miles An Hour - Blurred

Hi Peeps,  sorry but only  in for 5mins.  Hopeful  for laters.  Need to catch up on everyone and pop into see you all.  Did the lurking thing yesterday,  so I have been to see you all but not said HIYA PEEPS.
Anyways thought I would do a quickie and introduce one of my boys Samson - Sammy - StinkBomB - Fatmando!!!!!  I'll explain about names later!  It's a me thing!!!  MaD as a Hatter and HAPPY.

A Cute Little StinkBomB!!!   - What Do You Say ?

Blur - Movement!!!  What Do I Expect,  He's 100 Miles An Hour!!!
Cute or what?


  1. oh he is Adorable with a capital A ... our dog has hundreds of names too depending on what day it is lol
    Lisa x

  2. ...oooo a handsome fella indeedy & a kiss for the camera, thoughtful too...Mel :)


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