Sunday, 8 July 2012

Olympic Cupcake

Hi Peeps, thanks for popping in and sneaking a peek.  A BIG thanks for the people who have chosen to follow me this week too.  I have also decided to join Facebook!!!  Nikki at Craftwork Cards gave me the nudge I needed [you can find me by searching for Karen Hayselden] I love Facebook it's so easy.  Thanks Nikki!! x
Well, because I'm so busy with projects for the CHA for Craftwork Cards xoxo {V. V. V. exciting]  I've got nothing new to share with you all at this moment. But bear with,[Piccy's of CHA projects to follow as soon as possible]
So today I decided to do the change my wallpaper on my computer thing!!!  With the Olympics around the corner I've opted for a Patriotic cupcake that I made for Lynn at my local craft shop - The Craft Box.  Lynn bless her saved my life last week,  I needed some spray varnish and glamour dust for the filming of the Craftwork Cards, Vintage Blooms Pretty In Pink kit which I designed and created [You can see this tutorial over on the Craftworks Card web in the video lounge].  There was no glamour dust left, typical she had just sold the last one!  However, she came out from the classroom area with a FULL bottle!  Bless her and a BIG thank you - she had raided her teaching teaching stash and VOILA I was a very happy Bunny.  I must go down to the Craft Box soon before they sell out of their new season Whimsy stamps - I need the lollipop one!

This is the wallpaper cupcake 

Well off to continue my Biggi project for CHA, I am doing all the ground work at the moment,  so there is nothing taking shape yet - but all the bit and pieces are lookin better than I imagined [YEY]  I always do the donkey work first, cause there's nothing worse than thinking, I wish I did this or that but you can't however hard you try incorporate your new idea into your creation exactly how you would like to cause the glue has dried solid!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments


  1. ...beautiful cupcake...gorgeous work Kassa, it looks good enough to eat!...& what wonderful news, how exciting to be a part of CHA for CWC, well done you...Mel :)

  2. oh this is fabulous .. what a work of art!
    Lisa x

  3. Wow how amazing to be part of cha..go girl!! Great piece he too! Trace x


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