Sunday, 1 February 2015

Clarity February TV Samples.....

Hi there lovelies x
Hope your all happy peeps x

I've been a tad quiet over here and on fb of late as I've been a crafty busy-bee lol - up to my elbows- knee deep in craftiness tee hee - need to get wots in my head down out hahaha! - I popped my phone out of earshot & out of distractions whatsoever lol....

So tis Sunday tea-time and as I type i'm watching Barbara Gray doin one of her amazing demo's over on Create and Craft tv and spotting a few of my Claritystamp Tv samples and WoWzer samples created by my teamies :-)))) I'm smiling BIG, tis so wonderful to see my art in great company up over on Create and Craft - thanks eeeek!!!

Hi and BIG wet 'n' warm licks from Ruby-Roo - Woof Woof Woof xoxo

Now quickly for the piccys - lol before my Ruby-Roo (Large breed dog - Leonberger) starts to eat my arm - tis tea-time remember <3

I love this Tree Rows Stamp Set (PRESS HERE) set - I could have gone forever with the ideas that sprung to mind and I love the Canvas Boards too - they give you the freedom to work and work and work your piece of art.........

Now I had sooooooooo much fun. fun, fun with this Parakeets Stamp Set - (PRESS HERE) and again for next 2 pieces I created I used the Canvas Boards - (PRESS HERE)

HeeHeeHee - I call them my Ballet Budgies.......I'm a little in loVe with these dudes.......They make my eyes all smiley 'n' twinkle with glee......I think tis the birdie doin the splits that tickles me.........

So - I decided to do an altered glass bottle with the lovely big Floral Heart Stencil - (PRESS HERE) and I added a few twisted calico blooms too.....

Another piece using the Floral Heart Stencil and a few dozen handmade roses......that looksey like marshmallows lol or the delicious Iced Gems - hahaha can you tell it's tea-time x

The piece above started out life as this zesty piece below!!!
I fought long and hard with it - should have just walked away lol!!!
Some pieces work in the head but dooooo sooooo test you to the limit!!!
But I had fun, fun, fun - YeY!!!

And finally.......
......this is the one I said that didn't quite get to Barbara on time......

It's not something that I would be naturally drawn to create but I love to challenge myself and do you know I can't tell you how much I enjoyed creating this little piece of 'Nappa Valley' heaven....

Just looking at the finished creation gave me amazing satisfaction - I have to say I now loVe this Napa Valley Stamp - Stencil set - (PRESS HERE)

The kettle is boiling and I'm off for a cuppa tea (what a shocker - not - lol) and Ruby has a 'feed me now' look in here eyes hahaha - and it's took me that long to post that Barbara has finished on the TV and will probably be a long way down the road - safe journey lovely :-)))

Thanks for popping by, it's wonderful that you come 'n' peep :-)))

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing words that you freely leave for me - they are all truly appreciated - MWAH xoxo

Kassa xoxo


  1. The infamouse Anon here, Super creations Kassa, love the colous in you ballet budgies!!! and the background of the birds on a wire. I noticed you bottle with the super blooms, super colours. Great show of your talent!!! Axxxx

  2. Brilliant makes Kassa, I can see why the dancing budgies bring a smile to your face they are brilliant amongst many other fabulous pieces.
    Amanda x

  3. Hi Karen and woof to Ruby.... what a joy to see them up close...Each one unique and such a work of art... adore the tutu budgies... text budgies ....iced gem (yum) rose canvas...textured bottle art not forgetting the nappa valley .... so much work and a delight to the eyes!! Swooonworthy xxxx

  4. What an amazing selection of artwork to view first thing in the to get cracking but your post really distracted me :-) those trees in particular & not surprisingly Ruby, what a gorgeous Leonberger she is, a French pal has one ( just about 5 now) that I've not seen for a couple of years but I still remember the cuddles she gave me when I lost my retriever 4 years ago!


  5. Love the poetry about your dancing budgies Karen awesome canvas, it is such a fun thing to see so bright and full of happy.

    Your love of fussy cutting always brings such dimension to your projects there isn't one project i don't like here.

    Woof to Ruby who is awesome and would love to meet sometime, please deliver a scratch behind her ear from me :-) xxx

  6. The Tree Rows stamp set get the nod from me, Karen, well, except for the photo of Ruby-Roo. She wins, hands down!!

  7. Loving your work Karen. So refreshing. Brilliant design samples for Clarity. Love them all. xx

  8. What a beautiful, sweet-looking dog. Amazing art, too. So diverse. Fantastic.


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