Saturday, 18 July 2015

3rd Whimsy Sketch

Awe hi there beautiful friends

So here she is, meet 'Vogue' - why Vogue?  Cos I nicked my daughters latest Vogue mag to capture a sweet soft face, not too bad I don't think for my 3rd whimsy face (not including my kooky doodle dolls in this count as this is a sketch exercise) Me and my mate Julie Cassidy decided to sketch a face once a day, so wether it be a sketch or a doodle, I'm totally on it :-)))

And thanks to my loooovely friend Tracy Easson whoose workshop I attended over at the Wynyard Warriors run by the fabulous Sue Tucker (who spoils us all rotten btw;-) Yes thanks - cos after the class I caught a bug - a bug for faces lol

And Awe Tracy Scott  my looooovely friend who I told  laughingly "I keep drawing 'Cod eyes' " lol - well a couple of Tracy top tips later - and ta dah! Huge improvement lol  thank you heaps sweetie <3

Couldn't leave without sharing this kooky doodle - i loooves creating faces with a difference, lol a little on the 'odd' side :-)))


  1. Your addicted wheeeeeee. ..they are beautiful and unique Karen .... happy face drawing xxxxxx

  2. So she can sketch too, whaaaa...I cant draw thats why I stamp! Lol. Love both, but the bottom full figure is mine! Xx

  3. Your girls are beautiful Kassa!!


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