Tuesday, 12 April 2016

'how sweet' - 12 tags of 2015 April re-mix

Hi there lovelies
I'm back here again (after the fabulous skool holidays/Easter hols - oh boy I feel rested and ready to go, go, go! but how fst have they come then gone!)

So I've had the 'distress mosaic kit' sat on my table top just waiting to be ripped open and yipeeeee! Tim gave us a challenge re-mix using this fabulous little kit - soooooo easy to use too and did I mention addictive lol...

Here is the link to Tim's ace 12 tags of 2016 April tutorial - PRESS HERE

Not having the birdie die I went with Tim Holtz's Sizzix Tea Time die.

And I mixed it up further as I can't get enough of the Distress Crayons and Crazing medium hahaha!

As you can see I got out the ephemera, coated it with the Crazing medium - lashings of it as I wanted craZy BIG crackles!  (Simply leave too dry - naturally)

eeeeeeep! I chose similar colours, scribbled one colour at a time onto the surface, rubbed n smooched in before going not the next colour!

And same again with the cooler tones - yum yum yumeeeee! Can you spy the crackles!!!

I now went on to follow Tim's steps;  grout the teacups, adhere in the chopped out pieces of 'crayoned' ephemera and glaze - soooooo lush eeeeep! (Again eeeeeeep!) hahaha! (Can you tell this excites me) - love the grout texture peeping thro'

Ta Dah!

To finish up I adhered the leftover 'crayoned' mosaic shapes and distress woodgrain card stock to my tag (no groat from the mosaic kit this time though)

When dry I randomly sewed around the edges with black cotton, then colourised the whole tag with the distress crayons...

looooves to add the distress crayon through Tim's mini layering stencils too - hold the stencil firm and fast down and proper gouge the crayon over the holes/openings of the stencil patterns, plus before lifting the stencil rub the crayon in through the stencil.

With the teacups adhered in place I add more crazing medium in the top right (so when tis dry I can rub white crayon into the crackles to create a hot 'steam' effect)

A few 'chitchat' words, the ace diddy spoon from the Ideaology 'Adornments' set and a number token too add to the tea for two effect!

Before I add a few doodles with my Fude ball black ink pen I top up everywhere with the distress crayons, either rubbing in or leaving thick and full of colour, the teacups need the top up of crayons and the crayon sits nicely on the glaze as it does (but very differently - more bitty) on the grout (I looooves how the crayons sit differently on the different surfaces, experimenting has been fun!)

Finally a zip of different colour - just a dab here and there with the distress paint 'cracked pistachio' oh n picked raspberry :-) - YeY! tis messy time, with black soot and picket fence distress paints - splatter time - I can't do without my distress splatter brush now hahaha - it brings me sooooo much joy!


  1. Fab tutorial hunny, so need to playing with the crazing medium and distress crayons now! Mwah xxx

  2. A brilliant, brilliant tag Kassa! x

  3. Brilliant version of the original, - this deserves to be a winner!!

  4. I would love a cuppa (wine) in these!! So beautiful and crackly!! Looks like they came from someone's Great-Granny!

  5. We both used coffee cups on our tags this month! Love the crazing medium on your coffee cups- perfect!

  6. OMG, the texture here is so freaking awesome! Very inspiring-- I've not bought the crayons... yet... but folks like you pretty much sell me on them! FUN.

  7. You're definitely one of my muses! This work is absolutely brilliant, I love every single detail you showed ! Tutorial is fabulous! BArbara

  8. Awesome tag, love your "crazing"!


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