Friday, 22 February 2013

Tres-Chic Tunnel LoVe - 'FFFC!!!' YeY!!!

Good day to you all out there in blogland 

- finally up and running again over here - YeY!!!

!st ever...'FFFC!!!' YeY!!! post.

So to get things jump started again here's a little Tunnel Card I created using the rather lush Authentique papers over at Craftwork Cards.  If you peep closely at the piccy below you can actually see the texture and fabulous grain of this delish new paper - such a dream for all us crafters to play with and as your all telling me (buy 1 to play with and buy another 1 to just simply looksey at 'n' stroke)
Chipboard-mannequins never fail to make me smile - I do sooooooo loVe them

Candi Candi Candi  who doesn't loVe a bit of Candi???

These Tunnel Cards have real depth - like a stage - where all your crafty magic can happen YeY!!!

I know quite a few of you loVe this rose sat on Black twine  - so a little Tutorial perhaps???  Let me know???

Over the next few weeks I'll be running various workshops over at Craftwork Cards Towers (Leeds)
The first one is tomorrow morning YeY!!!
And it's a Tunnel card - all I will give-away today is (raspberry pink - ruffled ribbon and gorgeous blooms)

Here are the dates for all the classes....

Saturday 23rd February - Tremendous Tunnel Cards CLICK HERE to book your seat 
Thursday 28th February - Luxury Butterfly Wreath CLICK HERE to book your seat
Saturday 9th March - A Load Of Hot Air CLICK HERE to book your seat
Thursday 21st March - Dressing Up Delightful Dollies CLICK HERE to book your seat
Saturday 30th March - Dressing Up Delightful Dollies CLICK HERE to book your seat

.....there are limited spaces so book early to avoid disappointment x
To see full details of the workshops and book your seat click on the dates/workshops you are interested in x
Hope to see you sooooon x

A little teaser of the next class - Luxury Butterfly Wreath (colours will vary!!!)
Oh my - be very excited - cos I am!!!

I've got to let you know this class is VERY nearly full..........!!!............

So till I'm back soooon!!!  YeY!!!  With piccy's of tomorrows class!!!  (Put your lippy on ladies - only joking - hand shots if your camera shy!!!)

I'll leave you with this weeks FIRST 'FFF@C' give-away and it's a biggi for the 1st week!!! Over £20.00's worth of craft goodies!!! for one lucky follower and 2 lucky followers will receive a selection of lush ribbons chosen by me from my ever-lasting supply of ribbons!!!
All you have to do is leave me a little comment bellow along with your name and become a follower of my blog - It's that easy really!!
- I'll be back next Friday with the randomly chosen winners (courtesy of my lovely daughter - Clo)

Offski now....hope you have enjoyed the 1st ever 'FFFC!!!' post 'n' piccy's over on my blog - look forward to seeing you all and your friends next week x
And.......can't wait to read all your questions - jokes - loVe - comments....
....I really do appreciate them all x



  1. So excited about tomorrow, really looking forward to playing with the tunnel cards - son & heir coming home from uni for the weekend, but he'll have to manage for the daytime LOL! Hoping to learn how to put all the elements together, as mine sometimes look like a dog's dinner ...

  2. Hi Karen

    Love the Tunnel cards - as you say such depth to them. I particularly like the rose - would love to be able to make those. Still practicing on the flowers.

    It's a shame that the classes are so far away as I wish I could attend.

    However, the tutorials you post are really useful.

    Many thanks for your lovely designs.


  3. Love the card! So much depth to it and the colours are so rich, smashing!
    Debbie xx
    Hope class goes well tomoz :o)

  4. Hello Kassa and great to see you back to blogging lol!! Love your tunnel card and can't wait to have a go at one. I know your classes will be a huge success, just jealous I can't come! :-( Big hugs, Ali xxx

  5. WOW WOW WOW F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!!!!! I so love these papers if you can call them that. They are super strong and super G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I love the stunning tunnel cards and I love the way you have design yours, The manniquins are brilliant to work with and I love your mini bunting and I love your flowers and YES PLEASE I want you to show us how to make them. They are so yummy!!! Karen you are amazing and I hope you have lots of fun at the classes, Really wish I could be there, maybe one weekend I will get some me time. Have fun Love Lise xxxx

  6. Fab Tunnel card! Your cards have so much going on in them, look, look away and you see something new! Loving the Authentique papers, stroke-able and give such a fab result. So looking forward to tomorrow. Bought a new lippy yesterday, so I'll give it an airing, in case I get caught. And the butterflies..... are gorg... Andrea M xxx

  7. Nice to see you back on here Mrs H - love the card and its even better (if thats in real life.
    Lots of GOOD luck for your first class tomorrow - you will be fabulous and everyone will have a great time, i can personally guarantee!
    See you soon
    love Andrea S xxx

  8. Really wish i was closer to Craftwork Cards - would defo be coming for some classes! Your Tunnel card is stunning - and YES!!! please a tutorial on the rose would be awesome!!!
    Cant wait to see the full butterfly wreath.... I feel a new addiction coming along soon! Have a great day tomorrow, i'm sure it will be fabulous!!
    Mo xxx

  9. Ooooh I am so glad I have my place booked for the Butterfly workshop after that little teaser!!! And I love love love your tunnel card - all that detail and yummy paper and flowers. Yes, tutorial definitely. As if you have to ask!!!! Enjoy tomorrow and see you Thursday xx Tracy Abson (Mum of twins!)

  10. Lovely card as always. I'm a bit addicted to crushed Candi at the mo but tunnel cards might be the next addiction! X

  11. Hi Karen hope you liked the finished card from the workshop. Would love to go to the butterfly wreath class but we are working. And again thanks for a great time.

  12. wow what great projects, loving the crushed candy , butterflies amazing too love Julie xxx

  13. Love the new papers, love all your inspirational ideas - I wish I lived a little closer to pop over!! Will get there very soon & thats a promise x x x

  14. Love the card - the new papers are very beautify and you have used them in your samples brilliantly - Loved all the inspirational cards and wreaths around the outlet. The coluors you have used on these butteries are brilliant (love the vibrant colour mix) Carnt wait to come back xx

  15. Fab blog post as ever, lovely to have you back hon, have just got some of these cards and papers are to die for, I bought lots in case they sold out fast and they did and now I can't ber to use in case they don't come back, lol. Fab, fab card a always Karen, love it. Mars xxx


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