Monday, 25 February 2013

Zingy Zesty Butterfly LoVe Wreath - Give-away Prize reminder x

Hi again - Kassa back in - yep back in twice in one week!!

Cos of the shocker at me blogging again and if you've picked yourself up off the floor you can take a peek at the Butterfly LoVe Wreath piccys below.  There's one of the whole wreath full of lucious butterflies and piccys of all the individual butterflies - so you can peek at all the detail. 

Which is your fav individual butterfly???  Please tell x

.............this wreath is 1 of a set of 4 wreaths that I designed last year for Craftwork Cards.  This Thursday I'm holding a workshop over there and we will be re-creating this LoVe Butterflies Wreath in a gorgeous new colour-way (still VERY zingy n zesty thou' - promise)  How excited am I to see you all over there and get started!!!!!  YeY!!!

I'll be back in soon with piccys sent into me by some of the lovely ladies who attended my 'Pinky Tunnel LoVe' workshop - their finished cards are simply divine and will be a real treat for us all to peep at - how wonderful for them to share with us all x

......pop back to Friday's 'FFFC!!!' post if you didn't leave a comment and become a follower of my blog - cos there's 3 prizes up for grabs - 

1st prize - over £20.00 worth of lush craftin goodies
2nd/3rd prize - lush ribbon selections

Good luck x

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 4

Butterfly 5

Butterfly 6
See you all laters in the week x
LoVe all your comments - they really mean sooooo much thank you x



  1. Karen, they are fab! I love the colours. And lucky me will be on the workshop on Thursday. YeH! Andrea M xxx

  2. I can't choose, they are all fab. The colours are amazing.x

  3. Love them all but Butterfly 2 just has the edge for me! Stunning as always Kassa xxx

  4. Loved the work shop! Thanks soooo much for having me :)
    Got loads of ideas and had lots of fun with you and all the lovely crafty ladies :) xx

  5. OOOOOooooops forgot to pick a butterfly, I'm going for number 2! xx

  6. Just picked no. 2 and then saw the lovely Ali had same and others too. Love the colour combos, zesty and fresh with a nice 'pop' of cerise. Mars xxx


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