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Crafty Bobbin Card Tutorial

Krafty Bobbin Christmas

.......................I thought I would bring you close-ups and tips on how I have created this recent creation -  my Krafty bobbin Christmas Card ( an alternative and special Christmas keepsake card)

Where I got the 'inspiration' from!!!

I love everything girly so mannequin cards are a favourite of mine. The bobbin card inspiration came to me whilst window shopping in a yummy clothes boutique in Finland! I spied large wooden bobbin reels on the counter top wrapped in lush lace and right there the idea was born. So i hot footed it back to a wad of card stock and hey presto Bobbin Cards!

Now dress your Mannequin. 

Firstly paint in white my kraft mannequin ( mini mannequin for this short fat bobbin card shape) when dry i ink the edges of the painted mannequin in red, then cover in glossy accents crackle.

Then I print off the gorgeous paper for the skirt using the CWC Crafty Christmas CD. I chose a 'Scandinavian' style red patterned paper. This is the first time I have used a CD to print out papers and WoW I couldn't believe how easy it is to use - should have been more adventurous years ago cos you never run out of your fav papers and there's sooo much choice too! I cut a long strip of my 'Scandinavian' paper the skirt length is down to taste ( I wanted the skirt to sit below the mannequin's knee, so carefully measured and cut to size). Pattern paper facing you fold under one end ( for a neat edge) and now pleat - all in one direction. The pleats get wider toward the bottom of the skirt - tight and narrow at the top/ waist of the skirt. Your pleats should be triangular. I did about 6 pleats in all - but just keep trying the skirt against your mannequin for the perfect fit - adjust as necessary. When you have the perfect skirt pleats unfold and lie flat on your worktop. Adhere red double sided tape to the front bottom of your skirt, now apply your ribbon to this double sided tape - i used the little white balls cos they look like snowballs - too cute!! Now re-pleat your skirt back into shape and squash flat on your worktop as you adhere ( strong red tape) across the back top, back middle and back bottom of your skirt to keep it in shape. (if it curls in a skirt shape too - fab!!! It's a bonus!!) Adhere the skirt in place with pin flair 3d glue. 

The shawl is cheesecloth, cut to size and just wrapped around the mannequin's shoulder's, glued in place and when dry I use a glue gun to adhere the ribbon snowballs to the shawls edges. ( tip: I use a little ordinary glue on the snowball ribbon ends and VERY carefully so as not to encourage the fraying I am trying to stop!!! - practise makes this procedure more perfect lol!!!) She's finished and beautifully Christmassy xx

The Bobbin bit!!

Now I have used a Sizzix die for my scissors and needle shapes etc. I die cut them from Kraft card and ink up the edges with white ink once cut out. The edges of your Bobbin card are inked with white ink too.

The gorgeously 'too cute' mini wooden bobbin is wrapped in a strip of paper I have printed off from the boarders section of the CD. I cut the border strip to the correct width and length- lengthwise I leave extra so I can attach a mini bloom on the end. (to make my bloom a perfect match to my mannequin's skirt - I cut out one of the skirts patterned paper snowflake blooms for the bottom layer of my bobbin bloom) - customising embellishments is such fun. The inside of the bobbin has 2 star shaped long pins covered in tape measure washi tape glued in place alongside 2 red headed mini dress pins. 

Now I cut to size some ribbled Kraft to fit the front 'inside' area of the bobbin card. On the back of this 'ribbled' card attach double sided tape, attach your white 'string' and start wrapping around - width wise!!! To taste. Once you have a look you like apply more double sided tape and attach to your card. 

Finishing touches!!

Lay your card flat now and place all your sewing die cuts and mannequin on this wrapped 'ribbled' area and glue when you are happy with your look. I used a mix of glues ( glue gun, pin flair and ordinary 'strong' glue). When all this is firmly dry I tie a little charm sewing machine onto the card with twine - so it swings around ( I love a little movement on my cards) and I weave a length of the fabulous 'Tape Measure' ribbon around all the various die cuts and glue in place. 

Hope you can follow these tips to create a really kool, girly, alternative, special festive bobbin Christmas card. A real keepsake card that will be used to adorn any house year in year out!! 

A little closer - for all the yummy details x

Hope you enjoyed x

Thanks and Huggles


Glennis said...
Fabulous! - I can't pick a favourite, they are all lovely. Thanks so much for the tutorial too - great
Stamping in Pink said...
All very inspirational and very beautiful and so different from each other. I can pick a favourite, the last one, I so love feminine cards. Feminine cards with kraft - well it's heaven for me, thanks for the inspiration x
Ali Wiseman said...
Wow! Fabulous cards ladies, but Emma's has to be my fav (sorry!). And great tutorial too ;) hugs Ali xx
Maxcine said...
All the cards are wonderful and so different, gives you great ideas. Maxcine x 
Craftychris said...
ooh thank you, I am so pleased I won! Will be emailing in a sec! These projects are all wonderful - I am feeling very Christmassy now! Thank you for the tutorial too! xx
Debs said...
WOW all so stunning - can't pick a favourite this week - all truly inspirational - thank you.
Fabulous tutorial too :o)
Thanks for picking my name out of the hat from last week - off to email you now :o)
Have a wonderful week.
Debs xx
hazel said...
Great festive samples, my favourite is the lovely tag.It would add the finishing touch to any gift. x
Karen said...
And as usual more gorgeous inspirational cards. I like all of them & can't pick a favourite. xxx
karen said...
How do I become a follower please ?
Andrea said...
hi karen
luuurrrvvve them all, so difficult to choose between them, if i had to, i would choose Julies, i am loving the craft card designs...and the bonus of a matching tag!
always enjoy your tutorials, i learn so much
lots of love
andrea xx
Andrea Moorhouse said...
Fab Cards...... I love all the cards... not sure whose is my choice. I love your tutorial too... Need to make my special cards.... may knick an idea or 50! Andrea M (noticed there is more than one Andrea!)
Helen said...
Gorgeous cards, all of them, and thanks for the tut! If pushed I think I would choose Emma's as my favourite... but it's tough!
CraftygasheadZo said...
Wow wow wow! I've been following Emma's blog for ages as I love her work but couldn't resist seeing everyone else's amazing work. The products are such quality and produce stunning results every time as seen in all three cards! Great tutorial too. Thanks! Take care Zo xx
karen said...
Wow - what an amazing collection of cards again, you are so talented. I am loving the tag as tags are my thing at the moment. Lovely to share in all the lovely inspiration - thanks for sharing xxx
Karen Hayselden said...
Hi Ladies


Soooo happy your all enjoying the 'FFF!!!' post and having fun joining in xxx

Now I see a lady going by the name of Karen asked the question below and I hope my answer clears up your query X

karen said...
How do I become a follower please ?

Friday, December 07, 2012

KAREN I believe you are a follower hunny....but I'll pop down the answer to your question anyways x

On the right-hand side of the screen on the blog post under the design team 'mug shots!' there is the 'OUR FOLLOWERS' and beneath this is the blue box with 'join this site' which you click and then follow the simple steps/instructions.....and it's that easy to become a follower of the blog...

Hope this has helped x

Good Luck to ALL....
I'll be back in next week with the winners X
mags said...
Wow, all these cards are gorgeous. Would be too hard to pick a favourite as they are all so different. Thanks for the chance to win one.
craftykate said...
3 beautiful cards. I love 'em. Thanks for the inspiration.
Childminder Jules said...
More great cards for us love them all, but particularly love the clean lines of Julie's thank you for sharing with us xx
Shirley said...
I was lucky enough to be a winner last week and have popped in to see more of your fabulous work girls.
I have to say you are a TOP TEAM girls with all the fabulous projects you make.


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