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Tag with inky bloom tutorial



Morning all

Anyone out there not got snow!!!  My big fluffy Leonberger giant breed dog is loving it - he's actually laying in it!!! Big daffty!!!

You can add any colour to these neutral blooms - as much or as little as you like!!!

With your pokey tool, crease and fold down the outer edges on all the  'spiral edges'

Keep following the 'spiral' round till you reach the centre.

This is what you should end up with!

Now with your pokey tool - hook the end of the 'spiral'  onto the pokey tool (right side facing up)

Start tightly winding up the 'spiral' (use both hands and wind clockwise)

Keep your winding as tight as possible - if it slackens just unwind  and rewind where necessary

The back of the 'spiral' 

I can have 4/5 fingers involved with this process - it makes for a  lovely tight formed bloom

When I get to the end of winding I take the pokey tool away and finish the last wind by hand - still holding on tightly

Gradually let your bloom relax to the size you require by loosening your grip  or hold tight for the smaller bloom you have just wound-up 

Add 3D glue to the base/cup of the 'spiral' and into the wound -up spiral itself (spread around lightly)  I'm not too stingy or too generous with the glue (tic-tac sized amounts) 

When glued hold together for 30 seconds to a minute till you feel the bloom will stay in place while you set it to one side to dry.  If when you slowly loosen your grip of the 'glued' bloom the bloom still wants to unwind you probably need a little more glue and to hold together again

And this is a little BUT rather loud tag I've created using the 'cream' blooms from the  love-wreaths-by-karen-hayselden

A close-up to see the centre bloom I have just created above - I've added 3 crystals into the very centre of the bloom so that you don't see the 3D glue - plus I loVe sparkle too!!!

A different angle to show you all the depth of the blooms


Stamping in Pink said...
Not sure what I like the best - the tag is gorgeous and I love the bright and vibrant colours you've used - nice and warm when the weather is so cold lol!
But I so very much love your nails - they are wonderful and they sparkle too!
My idea of heaven CWC products and gorgeous sparkly nails!
Thank you for the tutorial K xx
mags said...
Well done to last weeks FFF winners.
A lovely tag with a great flower. Thanks for sharing your tutorial on how to create the centres. Mine never seem to come out as gorgoues as this.
Maxcine said...
This is really beautiful Karen. The colours are fab.
Joy Smith said...
Not much snow here yet! I love these spiral centres but can never seem to get mine to work. I think I have not been gluing them properly and your description has been a real help. I promise to have another try tonight and post pictures if I get it right :-) Many thanks for all the ideas and simple descriptions. Joy x
Childminder Jules said...
Beautiful Karen I am wishing for lots of snow today so I can have a bloomtastic making crafting weekend!! Stay safe xx
Ali Wiseman said...
Gorgeous bloom Karen love the colours too you have chosen, so fresh and bright. Congrats to the winners from last weeks FFF! Off to use my snow day wisely - making more yummy blooms, yay!!! Hugs Ali xxxx
Andrea Moorhouse said...
Congrats to the winners. Fab Tutorial! Loving the colours and end product.Andrea M x
Karen said...
Absolutely gorgeous tag & thank-you for spending time giving us a tutorial with the flowers which I just love.
maureenjscott said...
Karen Hayselden - you are, in fact, a star!!! I have been trying to do the spiral blooms for weeks now and with only one exception, they have all been complete rubbish.... of course, looking at your photos i know exactly what i was doing wrong, i've just wound up an orange bloom from my Floral Fusion pad and it is perfect!!!! Thank you so much for posting this tutorial, I am going to very much enjoy the snow when it arrives and will be growing flowers for a while! *digging out the plum Blossom pad*, *feeling awfy excited*, *hoping the baby will nap a while longer*!!!! thanks, Mo x
little amanda 7609 said...
so pleased I read this because I never thought of using my pokey tool to make the rose blooms. Thank you for that inspiration!
Anonymous said...
Another great tutorial and such amazing use of colour.
LyndaV said...
Another great tutorial and fabulous use of colour. Thanks for sharing.
Ann Playford said...
Not sure if it will help but I use a quilling tool to get my spirals started. It has a slit in it and you put the tip of the spiral in and then just twirl the handle and it wraps it nice and tight. Just make sure that you are twirling the right way, with the colour to the inside of the spiral! I'm just off to the post office to collect a parcel which I hope is my wreath kits so that I can make some this afternoon. Truly inspired ;-)
LJT said...
I love the bold, bright colours that are in this! Just what is needed for this time of year! I definitely think this is one to try! x
zafira said...
The rainbow colours are amazing, and I use a kebab with a split in the end to start mine off. It holds them tight and you don't need so may fingers
Eileen said...
Just been making some of the tiny rolled flowers, but I like the look of the bigger ones with the bent-over edge, quite a different result. And the colours are lovely too.
Helen said...
I was wondering how to get the tight centres to the flowers so thanks so much for the tutorial. The tag is such a lovely mix of colours as well :-)
bex said...
fab tag in great snazzy colours.
Michelle said...
Hi I have made paper flowers before using a quilling tool, but your tutorial gives inspiration to create much more beautiful ones. Great ideas and def ones to try at home.
Craftychris said...
Congratulations to the winners from last week! I so love your tag, the vibrant colours are gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I think I need to go and play now! Stay warm xx
Glennis said...
The flower looks so amazing - thanks for showing how it is done - it looks perfect on the tag
Shirley said...
How lovely karen. Something bright and colourful to cheer us all up on these awful snowy days. Every step of the tutorial is clear and easy to understand.The colour spectrum is gorgeous and I think everyone could have a go at this. I certainly will.


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