Thursday, 28 November 2013

Winter White Wreath Tutorial - PART ONE

Hi there lovely friends - brrrr I've got cold fingers as I type because I've just been outside taking pictures of my recent make, the 'Winter White Wreath' - I've been waiting for the sunshine to capture the perfect piccys.

I first showed this wreath a couple of weeks back on FB and it was warmly received (thank you so much for all you lovely comments - I really appreciate and love them all)  Since then I have been (shall we call it 'playing' at trying to make my blog prettier lol) - I have managed a couple of changes and will endeavour to master the art of 'backroom blogging'

I will split the tutorial up into parts as there are quite a few different elements to it and for some reason I have not took many piccys of my work in progress which I always do so I can show n tell (am having to re-create to show you step by step piccys lol)

Firstly I will show 'n' tell how to create the bespoke paper for your blooms - it is fun and feel good creating this 'bespoke' patterned paper - go get your aprons on!

So - how I created the winter white bloom lace paper ready for die-cutting.


I started with coating a 'simple' brown paper bag (torn down both sides and laid on a flat surface) with a generous coating of white Gesso - just paint one side, no need to be meticulous, slap it on, enjoy yourself, tis rather therapeutic and fun!

Now press down pieces of lace, burlap - anything that will add an interesting texture (therefore the coarser the texture of your chosen lace etc the more it will show through on the flower petals once they are fully assembled)

I let this dry for a good 24 hours and then painted over the top of the lace, burlap etc. with the white gesso again - I gave the whole area a really generous coat, making sure to dabble and daub in and around the textured areas so they were fully covered. 
Tip - use a fairly large brush for the job makes it quicker and makes it easier to press a little harder into those nooks and crannies.(I clean my brush immediately after use or you can pop in a pot of water - saves time later on)

Ta Dah!
 It took a good 24/48 hours for this to dry - and I needed it to be bone dry cos I was going to run it thro' my big shot with Tim Holtz'sTattered Floral die.

In PART TWO I will show you how I created my blooms and pine cones - I'm on with them now - just waiting for the paint to dry lol.

Thanks for stopping by today, I love you all popping by xoxo
Have a lovely day x


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    1. hi there thanks for your lovely comment - some how (not by me may I add) your comment has been deleted! But I can see your lovely 'delicious' words in my email - thanks Kassa
      (at least you got thro' somehow - everyone else can't - strange blogger!)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thankful for talented bloggers to inspire me :)

  3. Hi Karen, the wreath is amazing, I love the way you are showing us step by step, your are super amazing for sharing this with us all. Thank you.

  4. Just found you via the "little shabby shed" blog, this is so cool! It's going to have to go on my "to do" list for next year tho' as I'm up to my ears at the moment....thanks for sharing & I'm eagerly awaiting part 2 of the post :-D


  5. WOW!!!! Complete awesomeness Karen!!! This is simply stunning! ... I have all those components... I feel a project coming on! :) Thansk for your amazing inspiration! love it! Mo xxx

  6. Hi Karen,
    This is absolutely stunning, the blooms are amazing. Thank you so much for the step by steps - can't wait for part 2 xx

  7. OOOOhhh, it is rather super!!!! Love the lace!! Love the elements in the wreath and waiting for the instructions to create the rest of this lovelyness! Axxx

  8. Beautifully done. Love the way the lace works to add so much detail and texture. Jenny x

  9. Love it ...n the texture adds so much to it ...waiting for the next part ....


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