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Shabby Sparkly Snowflake - Tutorial

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Back in November I shared this Altered book page (cone wreath) Shabby Sparkly Snowflake CLICK HERE TO SEE-  and I told you at the time I'd'd be back with details.......
You do need a cuppa and your feet up if your going to proceed and not just looksey at the the finish line there's an alternative cone wreath to peep at - an all year rund happy, sun shiny wreath x


  • An old book - (books with faded, stained, discoloured and textured pages etc are great) 
  • Grey board.
  • Fabric - (cheesecloth, raw silk, hessian, linen etc)
  • Seam Binding Ribbon (Crafty Ribbons - a light colour - to stain with the distress inks)
  • Burlap String/twine (NATURAL IVORY)
  • Sparkly gem stones (Various sizes/icy colours of Swarovski Crystals)
  • Sparkly glitter - (DecoArt Glamour Dust, Martha Stewart Sterling)
  • Old rusty bells - (Mine were on a wired bell wreath - the Craft Box)
  • Tim Holtz Distress Inks (Walnut Stain, Antique Linen, Faded Jeans, Broken China, Salty Ocean, Shaded Lilac)
  • Tim Holtz Distress paints - (Broken China, Salty Ocean, Picket Fence)
  • Ranger Adirondack paint dabber (Cool Peri)
  • Tim Holtz - Clear Rock Candy Stickles
  • Tim Holtz Distress Stickles DRY glitter (Clear Rock Candy, Tumbled Glass, Vintage Photo, Pumice Stone)
  • Tim Holtz Distress Crackle paint (Rock Candy)
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Chit Chat Stickers.
  • Wet Glue - Cosmic shimmer.

  • Hot Glue Gun.
  • Tim Holtz Craft Scratcher.
  • Tim Holtz Paper Distresser.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Baby Wipes

Trim the book pages to size - I trimmed mine for this project (approx)
4.5cm square
4.2cm square
3.8cm square
Distress the edges and lightly scratch the trimmed squares with the Tim Holtz Paper Distresser and Craft Scratcher respectively.

Let the fun begin!

  • Ink up all the distressed edges, partially ink the squares with all the same or multi colours (front and back)
  • Now choose your favourite sides of the squares as you will be working from now on only one side (the inside of your cones eventually)........
  • AND on these favourite chosen sides proceed as follows......
  • Stamp your snowflakes on some of the squares.
  • Add the distress paint - again on some of the squares and use your wet wipe to wipe off excess paint, this gives a lovely translucent look.
  • To some of the squares now glitter up with the various mediums and adhere your fabrics.
  • Add the Tim Holtz Chit Chat Stickers and crystals.
  • You will now have a lovely mix of different sized squares.
  • Leave to dry

 The Base....
My base for this cone wreath was a circle approx 12cm - cut from the grey board.
Cover (one side) the back of the board with a book page, distress the edges, scratch, ink, stamp, paint etc
Leave to dry - when dry get out your sewing machine out - you can add the glittery bits once you have finished with the sewing machine.
Below is the grey board base all inked and in its finished state (with all the cones adhered to it)

Roll the squares into cones - plain sides facing out.
I always dummy run each roll up to get the perfect cone, allowing me to see where to apply the glue - un-roll, apply the wet glue and re-roll.  Hold in place as required (not long) then go onto the next cone.

I roll and create the larger cones (4.5cm) first.
And I assemble in place (without glue) on a 'dummy' circle grey board  to see the how the wreath is shaping up.
As the Wreath grows and  I feel the need for the smaller cone size I go onto the next size down cone and so on....
If (and I usually do) I need some extra cones I go back to the start and make up some of the 'plainer' inked/painted and stamped cones (drying time is minimal) 

  • Your first circle of cones should slightly overlap 'over' the outer edges on your grey board.
  • Sit the next layer/layers of cones in between (where possible) the proceeding lower layer/layers. Pulling each layer of cones more inwards, towards the centre, thus each layer will sit at a more acute angle as the wreath gets nearer and nearer completion. (creating the dome look)   

Here (above) you can see there are gaps in the middle section - just slot the smaller cones in - the cones will probably stand too proud so all I do is crop off the bottom of the cones (to size) and seal the bottoms  - the little bits chopped off save as you can pop them into tiny gaps to add a little extra different detail.  These last few middle cones look pretty with a little glue and glitters poured into them (looks like snow has been caught and trapped in the cones)
The centre of the snowflake dome with the 'chopped off' cone ends adhered/slotted in.

Once happy with your 'dummy run' cone wreath its time to decide on your hanger - I used the rusty wire and bells but ribbon or string/twine will look great too.

Now you have everything ready to create your cone wreath.....

  • Place your inked circular grey board base -print/ink face down on your table top.  
  • Place the hanger (rusty wire in my case) in place - on the grey board side *(if using book pages make sure you have the print and the hanger in line - you don't want the print upside down or wonky!) 
  • Adhere the hanger (grey board side) once happy and start to place the cones in their rounds - quickly is the key when using hot glue as it dries fast but/and solid.
TOP TIP to create a lovely dome-shapes snowflake. 
  • Your first circle of cones should slightly overlap over the outer edges on your grey board.
  • The next layers pull back the cones slightly from the outer edges of the lower layers that they are sat on (creating the dome look) and glue in between the lower layered cones (don't glue cones directly on top of the lower cones go for a placing the cone over where the lower cones meet - where possible)  
  • Keep going with this format on each layer. The middle final sections are just about jiggling and sizing the cones - crop off the bottoms of the small cones where needed to fit (just seal their cropped bottoms and pop/adhere in place) 
I added a little detail to the hanger - hand drawn holly leaves (grey board) covered with book pages inked/painted/stamped etc sewn with the Singer and Chit Chatted with Tim Holtz'z yummy stickers - Oh and not forgetting the distress tool (he he he!) Hand dyed seam binding ribbon (use your distress inks - just lightly spritz your ribbon with water, scrunch up in your hands and lightly press your ribbon onto the different inks till your happy - let it dry) 
Once the 'Shabby Snowflake' is hanging that's when I add the 'Sparkly' Jack Frost glitters - Just kiss the edges of your snowflake with the various glitters and.......
........TAH DAH!
'A Shabby Sparkly Snowflake'

 The wreath can be created using double-sided papers too, giving a totally different look 
to see more piccys.

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  1. Fab wreath! So much detail inside the cones,Wonderful photos and Luv the detail you have given us. Hope it does well in the challenge! (It should do!!)

  2. Adore this wreath and following your oh so detailed fab tut, will so behaving a go at making one! Hugs, Ali xxxx

  3. This is fabulous! and thank you for showing us your 2013 best of!
    Happy New Year to you xx

  4. Gorgeous thank you for the tutorial kaz xxx

  5. This is lovely what a brilliant idea! I love the vintage quality you have acheived with this thanks for the tutorial, would love to have a gox

  6. Hi Kassa, I have recently found your blog and have been blown away by your creations so much so that I am in the process of trying to make one of your Winter White Wreaths. May I ask whether you have completed the third tutorial and if so where I could find it.


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