Saturday, 29 November 2014

I did! I did! I did!

hello lovelies 

I'm back in again - a bit worse for wear (am all snuffly - I have the lurgy - lol - but am still happy 'n' smiley - YeY!!! tis the only way to be ;-)))

So I've been a little - well lot quiet on the blogging and fb-ing front (boo hoo) am a bit bogged down creating - but ohhhh I loves the creating - lol I popped out n bought a big whiteboard earlier today so I can keep track of myself :-))) so it was a crafty purchase with a difference hahaha.

Today I'm sharing a little pink number with you all - It started out life as a mini journo page (not mini mini but postcard size)

I signed up for this swap (anyone can join in this international swap fun - just pop over to Roc's fb page HERE and join Roc's page so you can join in with the next swap) - as I was saying I signed up for the Roc Nicholas Rubber Stamp Postcard Swap over on fb hosted by the lovely DT member Samantha Read - the brief was "Seeing Double, use a Roc Nicholas stamp two times on your postcard" A wonderful brief for me - I didn't have to wrack my brains - lolI'm not a happy bunny if I have to get too involved with the where to start my pieces - the possibilities were endless YeY!!!

I went down the double dasies route on my washi-taped puddy tat's butt and daisies sprouting from the ground.

You can go peep at Roc's 'Feline' stamp over at the  If you Stampotique shop and find her here

 See - you can spy my double daisies on Puddy Tat's butt and sprouting from the colourful Amsterdam acrylic paints/Amsterdam acrylic markers ground.

 I layered up Roc's Scalloped Lace Border using various textures and eye 'popping' and contrasting colours -of course my much loved Singer sewing machine had to make an appearance too.

Zingy sharpe sherbet colours, splats, scribbles, washi tape, lovely wonky sewing machine stitched lines, layered textures and a hint of sparkle makes for a very 'girlie' look - I call it 'Happy Art' cos it always makes me smile - BIG smiles too :-)))))

Well lol Sue did finally receive this swap, it winged its way all the way over the pond to the USA- phew!
But NOOOO!! - nightmares!! it had been opened!!!
Luckily they left the swap in the envelop and now tis happily in its new home.
I will be taping down all envelops for all future swaps - yes Sue great advise thanks x

Right I'm off - more craftiness round the corner.
Have a fabulous weekend all.
Thanks for popping by :)))
MWAH Kassa xoxo


  1. Oh that was a piece of good luck that it arrived safely after being opened! It would have been a shame if this beautiful postcard had been lost! The cat is gorgeous! Anne x

  2. I will say that the postcard is SOOOOO much better in real life! All of the detail that Karen put into it just pop right off the card! The stitching is a fab addition! Absotively LOVE it!

  3. Can see why Roc's pudd tat made you smile, it is lots of fun and so colourful. Great to share your ArT, good news it arrived at it's destination:-) xxx

  4. Oh I love it!!! Pink Puddy... So glad it survived it's opening!! Anon Axxx

  5. Love your Puddy tat, love everything you make ! !
    Corrie x

  6. Love this more than words can say :)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend xx


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