Tuesday, 18 November 2014

All Wrapped Up

Good evening lovelies

I've had a lovely crafting day today, I started off fussy cutting but my 2 hooligan Leonberger dogs were sort of trying to help lol - their BIG wet noses just kept getting in the way soooooo......

.............'Wrapped Up Heart' journal page was created instead (I'm back to fussy cutting this evening)

I've been dying to use some of my my new France Papillon stamps......

  • bird cage which I used parts of - the lovely twirly cage feet and the inner cage poles which I flipped on it's side to create the horizontal lines running down the centre of my page 
  • my heart which I stamped twice onto whitewashed old book pages, one I cut outside the lines the other inside the lines.
  • romantic text was stamped as a background image, I love all the soft lines and loops in this beautiful text.
  • when your heart speaks text, which I simply used the word 'heart'

The Singer sewing machine came out and I created a backdrop of hearts for the 3 interwoven  rusty wire hearts I fashioned - France's stamped hearts were layered and sewn together and nested on top of the slightly larger sewn,wire hearts (leave any cotton threads attached and dangling loose)

Doodles with my Stabilo all-pencil - black and Stabilo all white pencil.

 Top up colour doodles with Crayola portfolio pastels, hi-light with Signo-uni-ball gel-pen - white and a black Posca marker

Right tis cuppa tea time for me and a snuggle with my Pug Sammy before I get my scissors out again :-)

Thanks for stopping by x

Kassa xoxo


  1. Stunning, I adore the background and the stitched hearts. Tracy x

  2. This is awesome Kassa! I adore that stitching and the doodles down the side. Jenny x

  3. Super, nesting hearts, like your helpers!!! :) Axxx

  4. Love all your shabby grungy makes, this is fab Karen x

  5. Love this page! I know just what you mean about dogs & fussy cutting not going together too :-)


  6. Absolutely glorious! I love rusty wire on anything, and here you've created something magical with it. Stunning work!
    Alison x

  7. Love how you created these hearts, they go perfectly with the whole page!!

  8. I so agree with Butterfly...this is magical good on those dogs!

  9. I absolutely love your spread! I couldn't even recognize all of my own stamps, that's how much you used them in a new way! And the harmony in shape and colors really resonates with me. Big time.
    Thank you so much for that!!

  10. Oh my goodness this is absolutely gorgeous, I have to keep going back to look some more - gorgeous work! Anne x

  11. You are one talented lady... this is absolutely fabulous !
    Corrie x

  12. Hi there, its me!! I thought I was already following your blog but it seems I wasn't - still I am now. I love this project I could look at it all day and I was so blessed to have "stocked it" in the flesh. I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work and hopefully having a crafty day together maybe? XX Sam Crowe

  13. Stocked???? that should have read "Stroked" Sam


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