Friday, 19 June 2015

Face it!

Hi there lovelies x
Hope you have a touch of summer (it seems to have left our part of the world again, we had a fleeting summer here and now have our finger and toes crossed for it's return)

Today I'm sharing my 1st whimsical face x

It's not perfect but does not deserve to be as the sketch was a quick half hour job I did last friday afternoon - eeeek! whilst waiting for my friends to arrive as we were setting off for a workshop over at Art Workshops Wynyard Warriors (Middlesborough) organised by Sue Tucker.
It was an amazing day, the fabulous and very giggly Tracy Easson was our tutor for the day and WoW we all came home with a beautiful piece of art (thank you Tracy - can't wait for your next workshop hunny:-))) I'm still adding my finishing touches to the canvas we created but will be back here to share soon x

Heeheehee - so my 1st attemp, practicing a couple of hours before setting off, yep i know not ideal - but hey I really enjoyed this process (colouring part took quite a bit longer than the half hour sketch btw)
Things can only get better nespecially when you enjoy it as I did/do!

Off to share this face over on Kim Dellow's Art it Friday - Show Your Face Blog - why not hop over there too and join in the fun x #showyourface


  1. So full of life and fun, and LOVE those eyelashes. This is a great face...much expression.

  2. Opps, I hit the send button before I was through....the phone rang...and I messed up.... I'll be back.

  3. Adore! She is fabulous and I'm so glad you linked her up to Show Your Face, it is great to see you. Thanks for linking up to and for the shout out too. Kx


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