Monday, 29 February 2016

'Dinner Time!' - Guest Blog Post with Ranger Ink

hi lovely friends x

If you hop over to the Ranger Ink blog today I'm up there guesting! exciting times!

If you're liking the look of this this oh soooo cute Mini Clipboard with oodles idea-ology and those Crazy Cats and Mini Crazy Birds - I've posted an in-depth tutorial including pictures galore. The colorising of the Crazy Cats with minimal colors is soooo easy to follow and such fun!!!  Tis full of techniques, tips and Ranger Ink goodness :-))) - PRESS HERE to hop over to the Ranger Ink blog :-)))


  1. I have been over to see - your tutorial is fabulous!! xx

  2. Woohoo, more funky cats and birds, looking great!

  3. Fantastic tutorial, love how you use colour:-) xxx

  4. A very good tutorial! I love this clip board.

  5. What can I say ? Fabulous ! As usual ! Mwah!
    Corrie xoxo

  6. I will go see your tutorial now. You beat me to the draw - I knew these crazy cats would make perfect companions for the crazy birds.
    Sandy xx


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