Wednesday, 2 March 2016

'Cecil the Cow' & 'Oodles of Doodles' my new Stampotique Stamp Designs

Many layers later of color!

Morning lovely friends 

I've popped in today to share my make for the Stampotique Designers Challenge hosted by the fabulous and lovely dt member Sue Davies - this weeks fun challenge 'Time Challenge - 30 mins or less' - to join in with the fun and be in with a chance to win a voucher for the Stampotique web shop hop over to the challenge HERE

!5 minute coloring - uber quick layers!

So this challenge was deffo a challenge and a half for me, 30 minutes being the hard part, but oh boy did I enjoy and hahaha I created a mini journal page at the speed of light!
'Cecil the Cow' my new stamp is where I started - 15minutes of coloring and Cecil was in technicolor!
To go see 'Cecil the Cow' - PRESS HERE and to see all of my other new designs (11 in all eeeeek!) here's the link - PRESS HERE

Ta Dah - a fast and fun 30 minutes!

So the background I created was a sheet of watercolor paper damped down with water and covered with various distress paints, drop a few drips of distress in to the mix too, then damped down again so they merge.  Quickly mop up any excess with a kitchen roll then take a print with another sheet of paper. Dry off then add paints through a stencil to either the origional or the print- I used Seth Apter's Urban Insiders Square Stencil.
Then out came my 'Oodles of Doodles' stamp, I stamped this all over my background with various color distress inks including black archival ink and paints too! A little paint applied with the fingers around the edges and Cecil was ready to adhere!  Finally a few doodles and splatters! Phew! Finished!
Here's where you can see my 'Oodles of Doodles' stamp - PRESS HERE

So much fun creating a 30 min page - non stop fun!

Once I'd taken the pictures for the challenge I went back in wth my Caran d'Ache coloring pencils and added more layers to Cecil - just coudn't help myself - here he is below - I soooo looooves his lonh long eyelashes and fluffy ears.

So - couldn't resist adding more layers! - so this one no longer a 30 minute challenge!

You can hop over to the Stampotique Web shop HERE

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A Sprinkle of Imagination - PRESS HERE


  1. I love both incarnations of Cecil! Oodles of Doodles is next on my list of must haves!

  2. OMGawd Cassa this is absolutely stunning!!! Sam Crowe. X

  3. Super cool! Cecil will be on his way to my house soon! But now I need the doodles stamp! Will have to start a wish list for my next order!

  4. Oh my, how gorgeous Kassa!! Absolutely stunning work! I have pre-ordered Herbert Hare but I think I may need Cecil too now.... Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Love this you'll have to do a video as I wouldn't know where to start to attempt this xx

  6. Absolutely wonderful ! Mwah! xoxo

  7. Love Cecil, he will be on my wish list for next month, Herbert and Olive along with a couple of others were pre ordered on release day, can't wait for them to arrive. Thank you for the inspiration. X

  8. Oh my gosh, Cecil is so adorable - and his face is just the sweetest - I love, love all of your new stamps!

  9. Cecil is a Cow to Covet. Saw him on a Colorful place to Play. Super Gorgeous!!!!

  10. Typical Kassa brilliance! Both versions look fantastic!!!

  11. This is fabulous. I loved the 30 min challenge but then scrolling down came to the full page and was blown away. Fantastic colouring! Wow!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  12. Fabulous tutorial, I love Cecil xx

  13. Fabby as usual, Karen ! Mwah!
    Corrie xoxo

  14. Love this colorburst! !!!
    Gr miranda


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