Thursday 19 June 2014

'Overemotional' Workshop - An Amazing Day with Ania Dabrowska

 Hi there lovely friends (and welcome new friends) - WoW this weather, hot, hot, hot - hope your all happy with the weather down your way too.

A couple or 3 weeks back I joined some new (hi there lovelies xoxo) and old friends (mwah) over at Art From The Heart for a day with the truly amazing Ania Dabrowska - aka Finnabair......What a day - all I can say is if you get the chance to 'do' a class with Ania, then deffo grab it with both hands.

Anna's style is right up my street so I was incredibly excited before,during and after the class lol - still am lol - we got to use amazing stash and so, so much of it too and I just loved soaking up all her tips and techniques - can't wait to merge a little of 'Ania' into my shabby-chic style.

So Piccy time - first up the 4 hour morning canvas class followed by the 4 hour afternoon class canvas class, hope you enjoy :-)

25 piccys later lol - ohhh I did have a ball eeeek!
(did you recognise the 2 beautiful faces that I used in my creations?)

Right off to finish-up a shabby-chic wedding card - tis all white at the moment but a splash of colour (well just a sprinkle) is just round the corner :-)

Big smiles to you all - Kassa xoxo


  1. Oh super Mrs H! Love it!!!! Andrea xxx

  2. Wonderful shabby chic ! Love it !
    Corrie x

  3. Gorgeous . Totally suited to your style sweets xx

  4. Absolutely stunning!!! Lucky girl spending the day with Finnibar .... and fabulous projects too xx

  5. Ohhhh, so, so lovely and all Finn but with your own twist! I've been lucky enough to have done two classes with her and I couldn't agree more about her being a bril teacher.

    Specially love the first canvas with the (glue?) dripping down, - so subtle and totally yummy, fabulous!!!!

    1. Hi Astrid x

      Tis the glue - hot glue :-))

  6. These are both so superb and the fun you had shows in their beauty. I think the paler one is my favourite as the length of the design seems to flow perfectly but the textures in both are wonderful. So glad you had a fantastic time. Jenny x

  7. Oh wow what an opportunity to spend the day with her! Fabulous work too, btw! Can l ask how much the classes were and where they were held?


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