Monday 25 July 2016

Ranger Ink Guest Blog Art - Sunshine and Daisies

Hi there beautiful friends
I'm so excited and blessed as I'm back over guesting on the Ranger Ink Blog with a tutorial on how I created this 'Sunshine and Daisies' watercolor stylee art with Dyan Reavely's amazing Dylusions Acrylic paints.
I know many of us are all mad about the kool watercolor effects out there at the moment so I thought I'd share my tips n techniques using acrylics as they sooo easily recreate the 'watercolor' look.  
take you through my (always) easy to follow process step by step (including piccys) and give you an ingredients list too so you can create your very own kaleidoscope of color with the Dyan's lush über bright paints that I sooooo lovingly used eeeeep!

Here's the link my friends - hope you enjoy my easy to follow steps - let me know what you think eeeeep!

PRESS HERE to hop over to the Tutorial on the Ranger Ink Blog :-)))

I take you from this...

A few steps later to this...

and ta dah!
finally eeeeeep!  
Sunshine and Daisies ( not forgetting the oodles of doodles...)


  1. Have so many favorite, but they are all wunderful- love your work.
    Hugs Nadine

  2. Love flowers..I am a daisy grower so this is a stamp for me. Beautiful colors.

  3. I went over to see your tutorial (could not find it with the link though) and just love how you build up the colours gradually to produce such a fabulous watercolour image. Love love, love!! Hugs, Anne xx


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