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Winter White Wreath Tutorial - Part Two

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Today I'm back in....with the promised part 2 tutorial on how to create those blooms for the Winter White Wreath  (as pictured directly above) and as a little extra...... whilst re-creating the blooms (I had to recreate the blooms as I forgot to take piccys of the creation process the 1st time round lol) I created a 'SAME BUT DIFFERENT' wreath!!!!  A Rag Wreath using the YUMMY Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements fabric - 'Documentation' from Art From The Heart YES back in a little later than planned but 2 poorly peeps in my household at the moment (a 150 mile round trip to find a dentist that would operate on my hubby's wisdom tooth - he didn't want to go into hospital - bless!) plus different workmen at the house still - means I'm hanging on in there still and on catchup crafting at the moment - but lovinn it!!!- he he he! - It's a piccy fest so you may want to grab a cuppa and put your feet up lol........ in Part One - CLICK HERE to see, I showed you how to create the bespoke textured lacy paper using a brown paper bag/lace/white Gesso for the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals/Flowers - I will show you how i create the blooms today - mainly via piccys x  Also as a little extra  I have created a different bespoke paper too x
(and I will apologise upfront for the picture quality - I was not wearing my glasses, hence some blurry images but I've left them up there so you can get the gist) 

(the textured paper used for the blooms in the piccys below is different from in part one - this time i painted the thicker brown paper shopping bags with white paint - this is another technique i use (quicker) to create textured bespoke paper)
Rip open a paper shopping bag and cover with a white paint.

Cover well and enjoy!!!

Whilst the paint is still wet add a little texture with a damp sponge (an old kitchen sponge) - just lightly tippy tap all over with the lightly dampened sponge.
Set aside to dry.

Once dry I cut the paper ready for die-cutting. I calculate by eye the 3 different sizes of paper needed for the individual sizes of flowers - small, medium and large on the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die by Sizzix.

I run a few 'cut to size' sheets at a time through the Sizzix Big Shot in a highly patterned embossing folder.

Then I place the embossed sheets over the 'Tattered Florals die and.......

(Or you can as I do too - die cut the flowers then emboss!)

Beautiful textured die-cut Tattered Floral blooms ready to go.......YeY!!!

Optional - Sand lightly to create a more textured look - the kraft bag colour 'pops' out before your eyes.

Onto creating the flowers....
I usually use 3 small, 3 medium and 3 large blooms for 1 whole flower, but if i need more then i just go with the flow!
I use a pokey tool and a hot glue gun.  Below shows a picture of 2 flowers created using different glues.The one in the foreground is created using the hot glue gun (my preferred choice by far) and the flower in the background created using the fabulous Cosmic Shimmer glue - I've shown you the 2 blooms so you can make your own mind up on which glue you prefer.

....I start with my pokey tool and 1 small flower, curl the petals of the flower.

Add a little hot glue to 2 opposite petals,

....and quickly, but carefully.....

...loosely roll the 2 petals around each other.

Keep going......

...and you will end up with you centre petals!
 (I always have a practice run using other paper stash to perfect my flower making technique lol - I end up with a lovely little stash of blooms I can use at a later date and will not be cross with myself when i make little whoopsy's - nothing worse than running short of your chosen paper)

Now take your next small die-cut and start again.....

I like to glue petals alternately - This way I can fill in any gaps as I come back round x

That's the 3 small petal die-cuts adhered  - now for the medium petals.

So I can create a little more texture and dimension I carefully cut the petals a little deeper.

And start again......
.........Medium die-cut Petal 1.......

......Medium Petal  2.......

........Medium Petal 3.......
........Squish the petals into place - hold while they dry (hot glue guns dry almost instantly but be careful they do burn little fingers!!!)

.....Petal 3
Keep squishing to create the olde Rose feel.
Now for the 3 large die-cut petals

I like to add the glue to the under-side of my growing flower. 

The larger die-cut petals are quite long so to create the  balanced tier, I squish and push/bend/fold these petals DOWNWARDS to fit snug - you only want the petal tops NOT tops and mid-length petals to show.  I glue alternate petals then I can get a more balanced bloom.

keep going.....

Pinch those petals into place.......


I also create blooms that are curled........
This I will show 'n' tell in part 3 of my 'Winter White Tutorial'

Scrunchy blooms and Curled blooms x
Both Tim Holtz's Tattered  Florals by Sizzix

 ....also I will show 'n' tell how I create Tim Holtz's Tattered Pinecone's

Off now to write up part 3 of this tutorial and sneak in a spot of lunch all before the delights of Christmas pressie wrapping!

I will be entering this 'Winter White Wreath' into.... 

The Artistic Stamper 'December Anything Goes' Challenge
(this Challenge as it fits the bill perfectly 'Anything Goes' and it's Christmas time)

The Funkie Junkie '12 Tags of Christmas - week # 2' sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique
(this Challenge as i'm totally inspired by Linda's beautiful shabby-chic colour tones and the softness and texture of using fabric and fibres) 

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  1. Thanks Kassa for another fab tut! Your wreaths are simply stunning works of art. Thanks for sharing hun. Hugs, Ali xxxx

  2. Oh Karen, your wreaths are just stunning! Pure gorgeousness my friend! Thanks for a great tutorial :) xx

  3. Fab Kassa. I saw the wreath in the "flesh" at the weekend, and altho the photos are fab, it is wonderful. So much detail, so intricate, so lush. Axxx

  4. This is so utterly gorgeous Karen. Great flower tutorial and my goodness what a fabulous wreath. You must have the patience of a saint to have created all of that. Hats off to you. Jenny x

  5. This looks absolutely fabulous and thanks so much for the brilliant flower tutorial!! Thanks also for adding it to The Artistic Stamper challenge, it's bril!

  6. Gorgeous! Simply brill ;) Thanks for playing along at The Artistic Stamper this month.
    xoxo Sioux

  7. First, welcome to the 12 Tags of Christmas challenge but more importantly, let me say how fantastic your wreath is. I am drooling over the beautiful vintage hues and the lovely shabbiness of it all. Sensational project. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  8. Kassa! That wreath is just stunning, well done .

  9. absolutely stunning!! thanks for the details tutorial on making your rose, that's stunning! I love the tattered flowers but didn't realise how to get them as neat as taht -mine end up quite spread out! love this! mo xxx

  10. Very very pretty wreath, the flowers are amazing thanks for the tutorial xxx

  11. Where have you been all my 'crafty' life??? I've just found you and am in awe at your talent and incredible creations. Just off to put you on my blog list so I don't miss any future marvels.


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