Thursday 10 March 2016

and the winner is......


Hi there lovely friends....

Coffee in hand, hoovering finished, washing done, dogs walked!  How's your day shaping up!

Tis just a quicke post today as I'm off to do a write-up when i'm finished here - cos i needs to get that done and dusted and sent off so I can get back in the craftroom and get all the ideas that are running round in my head out - hahaha!

Thanks soooooooo much for all your lovely comments on the give-away post, now to see who has won the stash pictured below!

Today's lucky winner is no 37

Karolina Pietrzak :-)))

Karolina if you send me your address hunny I will get these goodies out to you asap!
(my email address is )

I have plenty more tidying up to do in the craftroom and I know there's plenty more stash in there to do another or so give-aways - I will be back with one sometime soon eeeeek!


  1. wow congratulations Karolina....your a lucky person :-)

  2. YAY! Congrats to Karolina! Enjoy your goodies!!

  3. YAY! Congrats!! Happy playingxx

  4. Well done Karolina, enjoy

  5. I'm so suprised. It is the best news ever.I'm sooooooo happpyyyy. Thank you sooo much :* :* :*

  6. Congratulations karolina xx xx
    Great prize Karen xxx

  7. Congratulations Karolina :)

  8. Congratulations -- I love this so colorful and full of texture, color and downright fun!
    sandy xx

  9. Congrats Karolina on your wonderful win.

  10. Congrats what a great give away
    Gr miranda


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